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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sweet Be's: 10.15.2014

Welcome to Sweet Be's!  Okay, first off, if you are in STL, you NEED to check out this locally owned family store ASAP.  It is run by the nicest family EVER.  Seriously.  And it is AH-MAZING and ADORABLE.  Check out their website here and head on over there ASAP to check out their store in person.  You won't be disappointed, I PROMISE.  And they have AMAZING store hours as well for all you day workin' folks.

Anyways, so Sweet Be's called me up to come shoot some new photos for their website and to show off their seasonal decorations for their store and Halloween (spoiler: I'll be going back for the next holiday seasons as well!  YAY!!) and I am LOVING how these pics turned out!  I cannot wait for the Christmas season!

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