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Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Kuchenreuthers: 5.31.2015

Meet the Kuchenreuthers!  Emily and I actually played college softball together at UMSL, and I was thrilled when we gave me a shout wanting me to do some family pics--and their daughter Katy's 2 year pics--in downtown St. Louis.

The weather was actually great for our photoshoot--actually, it was a bit chilly (about 60 degrees and cloudy!)--but ended up working out great because City Garden was not crowded at all and we were able to get a ton of great pics without other people in the background.  Win win.

Anyways, enjoy these pics from this adorable and sweet family...I sure enjoyed taking them!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Baby Oliver: 5.28.2015

Remember the adorable Polan family from a few months back?!!  Well, guess who made his debut into this world last Tuesday, May 19th?!  Baby Oliver Thomas Polan, that's who!

The Polans are dear friends of ours, and I've absolutely loved that I've gotten to help document their kiddos' and family's growth over the past couple of years.

Oliver's newborn session was so much fun--he's such a sweet, happy little (big! almost 9 pounds at birth! DANG!!) fella and was so good for his pics.  And he's a thumb sucker!  SWOON!  Plus, big sister Emma was just a little charmer as well during our session too.

Enjoy this sweet family's pics...I sure enjoyed taking them!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The MacKenzies: 5.14.2015

So it's been a hot minute since my last official photo shoot/blog post--almost 2 months!  EKKK!!  BUT!  Fear not, I have a good reason for my absence: April 6th we welcomed our newest Mooney family member, Rosie, to our pack!  You can read all about her arrival and birth story here if you're interested.

Anyways, since Rosie was born I took some time off from photo shoots to recover from her birth and spend oodles of time with my two kiddos.

However, Rosie is almost 6 weeks old, I'm feeling really good and almost back to my old self, so I've opened myself back up for the summer months for photo shoots! --We even have a wedding (!!!) coming up in June we're photographing over here at Pics & Paws--stay tuned!

So the MacKenzies are like the cutest little family EVER.  I've known Ian since I was hatched--our moms were (and still are!) great buddies, so we grew up together and even went to the same middle and high schools!  Ian will always be a lifelong friend, so when his wife text me asking if I could do some family photos for them while Ian was back in town (new job has the whole family relocating in August. WAHHH!!), I was like "YES!!!"

Ian and Maria welcomed their little guy Will back in September, and he is such a little ham at 8 months old.  He's the spitting image of his daddy, and his parents are just completely smitten over him!

I really enjoyed snapping this family's pics at their first home--one that they just sold in preparation for their move across the country, so I hope these pics will be lifetime keepsakes and memories for them.  Enjoy!

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