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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving: 11.28.2013

The weather in STL is always questionable this time of year: it could be 75 and sunny one day, and then 30 and snowing the next!  Today it was not the warmest day (about 45 degrees for the high), but the sun was out and the colors outside were popping--despite most of the leaves on the ground.

I took advantage of the colors and semi-warm temperatures and herded the fam outside for a few photos on this Thanksgiving day.  These photos really define what Thanksgiving is all about: family.  I am so incredibly thankful for each and every person (and pup!) in these pictures!  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and have a wonderful 2013 holiday season!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Patrick (6 months): 11.17.2013

Patrick is my son, and fortunately I've been blessed with a little boy who doesn't mind (for the most part!) that his momma has her camera constantly pointed in his face.  This past Sunday we took advantage of the unseasonably warm 75-degree and sunny weather were were blessed with and headed out into our backyard for an impromptu photo shoot.

I usually reserve the posts on my blog for sessions I do with Pics and Paws clients, but I just loved these photos so much I had to share them with you all.  I hope you enjoy them!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Erin & Curtis: 11.1.2013

Let me just say this: I love engagement photos!  Okay, okay, I love taking any kind of photos, but engagement photos really are something special...and it's such a cool experience to see two people so crazy about each other and capture that moment for them!

I really enjoyed taking Erin and Curtis' engagement pictures, because they are both so crazily in love with each other!  My amazing sister-in-law Katie was my sidekick for this photo session: she had some really great poses and picture ideas that we tried and turned out really well!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous this first day of November: it was a little chilly, but the leaves were at their peak in color (right before they were going to turn brown and fall off!) and the time of day (right before sunset) made for some excellent backdrops for their pictures.

I really had a hard time picking some teasers to put in this I'm gracing you with all of my favorites from this session.  Enjoy all of the colors and happiness that reach out to you in these pictures!

The Polans: 10.13.2013

The Polans could not have asked for a better day to take family pictures!  Being mid-October in Missouri, you never quite know what weather you're going to get.  Well, this day we totally lucked out with the weather: mid-60s, sunny, and the fall colors absolutely beaming through the late afternoon setting sun.  Of course their wardrobe really made the colors in these pics pop (Ann is a master outfit coordinator!  I aspire to be as savvy as her one day!), so editing them was way fun to watch the yellows and blues really come out in the pictures.

Little Emma--not even a year old!--was so good and cooperative while this crazy lady (me) pointed a camera in her face for an hour.  Even Sadie the dog gave some great smiles while the sun was setting in St. Louis.  I hope you all enjoy this pictures as much as I do!

The Moffats: 9.21.2013

I have known the Moffats for a long a really long time (we go wayyyy back to early elementary school days!), and I was honored that they asked me to do their maternity and family pictures (as well as a little gender reveal for baby #2!) this fall.

Momma Courtney had a great location picked out: a local park that was alive with colors in the lake, trees, sky, and animals.  She wanted to do some family photos, some pics of hubby and her, and a few gender reveal pics for their new addition coming in February.  Here's a few pics from this colorful fall session.

I just love everything about these pictures.  Little Lottie was so cute and such a good smiler for all of the pictures!  Pretty darn good feat for a 2.5 year old!  And Courtney and Andy are just too cute together.  I hope when baby boy Moffat comes along I get to take a few shots of that handsome little man as well!
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