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Friday, October 16, 2015

We've Moved!

A big thank you to my wonderful brother Charlie for my new logo, website design, and blog!  With that said, this blog has been migrated over to my new site -- so all of my old posts can be found there too!  I'll probably leave this blog up for a bit, but eventually I'll shut it down to redirect people to my new blog and website.

My website is the same, but now all of my session blog posts can be found at the link check it out and subscribe!

Onto bigger and better pastures for Pics and Paws...I hope you stick around for the ride!  It's gonna be an exciting one!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Cejkas: 10.4.2015

Meet the Cejka family!  I went to high school with both Brian and Katie and it was so much fun reconnecting with them for their shoot at a park that we all grew up going to (and now our kids are too!).

Their little lady Macy is 18 months old and just the cutest little gal I've ever seen!  She had such a great smile and was so happy for our shoot it made it all the more fun and enjoyable to shoot!  I hope you like these pics...I sure had a great time taking them!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Smiths: 10.3.2015

Meet the Smith family!  How adorable are these 3 sweet little boys?!  I played softball in college with their mama Adie, and she is one of the sisters over at Four Fit Sisters.  Actually, I've snapped her little sis Maggie's family pics back in August and when Adie gave me a shout to do family pics for them, I leapt at the chance!  I love this family!

We did their session on a GORGEOUS (albeit a tad chilly!) October morning at Suson Park--one of my favorite shooting spots.  It's got everything: woodsy trees, a pond and bridge, old fences and fields, and, of course, animals!  I just love this area!

Anyways, all 3 of the boys were just so adorable and cooperative--their little smiles are just contagious!  Enjoy these pics...I sure did snapping them!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Moffats & Polans: 9.27.2015

My loyal friends the Polans and Moffats let me double-team their photoshoots today and it was awesome--I knocked out two great family's pics in one sitting!  Woot woot!  Luckily these two are great friends so it was super easy to do and actually made it easier to do because there was always an extra set of hands to help wrangle kids, get smiles to happen, and so on.

We did this shoot at my favorite location: Kirkwood Park, and I couldn't be happier with each family's results!  Definitely can see how much love there is with them and for their kids.  It was a wittle bit cloudy and overcast, so no fun sunflare (my favorite!) pics, but I think the cloudiness worked out well for this session and brought out each of the family member's personalities.  I love the way the other siblings are loving on their little one...and am IN LOVE with this old bridge that has become a staple in my photo sessions lately.  Enjoy these pics...I enjoyed snapping them!

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