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Friday, December 13, 2013

The Holidays: December 2013

This is hands-down my favorite time of the year (as it is probably for most people!).  Although this year it is even more special because we have our little 7 month old Patrick to enjoy it with!

I have discovered just how much fun his age is: he's finally playing with his toys (instead of just looking at them), everything he touches goes into his mouth, he gets excited for different activities (bath time, hide and seek, eating), and he smiles and giggles more than anything else he does!

I took advantage of my not-yet-mobile 7 month old (it wouldn't surprise me at all if he skips crawling all together and just walks!) and snapped some festive holiday pictures in front of the Christmas tree.  Both Patrick and Scooter were such good sports!  I am soooo thankful that both my boys don't mind that their mom has a camera shoved in their face all the time and they just sit back, smile, and pose.  I sure hope this lasts...but if it doesn't, I sure am thankful for the pictures I did snap!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Aldys: 12.1.2013

I have known Jess for what seems like forever--we grew up playing softball against each other (then together...then against each other again!) and we got married around the same time, and had little boys a couple months apart!  When she asked me to take some family photos of her, her hubby, and their adorable little man Wyatt, I jumped at the chance!  Life gets so busy sometimes (especially with sub-1 year olds!), and even when you see someone so much via facebook and instagram, seeing them in person and getting to catch up is always infinitely it was so nice not only getting to snap some gorgeous pics of their family, but also great to catch up too!

It was a really unseasonably warm December 1st day: 55 degrees and sunny!  But absolutely perfect for some mid-morning family pictures with this super cute family.  Wyatt's facial expressions in these photos are priceless: he definitely has the stone-cold stare down, but then he'd bust the cutest, tiny-toothie smile that you just can't resist!  Enjoy a few peaks below into our session!

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