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Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Jordans: 4.19.2014

April 19th was a BUSYYYYY day for this gal: two photo shoots happened!  Eeeeekkk!!  But I love love love busy weekend days that are filled with photography happenings.  They make my heart happy.

The Jordan family are amazing--and what I aspire my family to be like!  I cannot get over the cuteness of the two boys--Jonathan and Luke--and their little princess, Ellie.  If I could bottle up this family and take them home I totally would!  I totally hope Patrick is as good with his younger siblings as Jonathan was with his little brother and sister.  And Luke too!  I could have just melted when he was holding Ellie's face trying to get her to smile.  So darn cute.

I have known Sam (mom) since I was about 11 years old--we played softball together wayyyyyyy back when.  Through the magic of Facebook and Instagram we have stayed in touch, and have gotten to see each other get married and have babies!  She contacted me about doing her family pics a couple months back and I leapt at the change!  YOU BET I WOULD!  It also happened to be right around the same time as her Luke turned 3, and Ellie turned 6 months.

Forest Park was the location for this shoot--specially just outside of the Muny--and the weather was GORGEOUS--like 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky gorgeous!  We really had the most wonderful weather and all of the Jordans were so smiley and cooperative!  Enjoy these pics...I sure did taking them!

Liam Wells: 4.19.2014

Liam is just a little ham,  isn't he?!  Liam just turned one at the beginning of April, so his lovely mom and dad wanted to get some one year pics of him.

Luckily we had a gorgeous day (about 70 degrees) and headed to Suson Park--the same park Beau's pictures were taken earlier this year.  Gosh, that park is so nice--and has so many different photo locations to choose from!  Plus, there's a ton of animals!  Score!

Liam was so good for the camera, and it was so nice having his parents and big sister Sophia there to get him to smile and pose.  Enjoy these pictures of little Liam Wells!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Baby Mason: 4.6.2014

Wow, talk about a lot of baby fever a'happenin' around here lately!  I am loving each and every one of these newborn sessions that have been happening at Pics & Paws lately...TWO this weekend alone!  Friends, keep 'em coming!  I love me some newborn pics!!

This session is all about baby Mason!  Mason was born on March 30th and has stolen his mom, dad, and older brother's hearts already!  He is so darn cute and just a little ham for the camera already--at only a week old!  I just love how these photos turned out and how sweet big brother Noah is already so smitten and taken with him!  I sure hope Patrick is as good as Noah is with his sibling(s) in the future!  Enjoy these oh-so-cute newborn pics of baby Mason and the Ridling family!

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