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Friday, July 25, 2014

Belz/Morgan Family: 7.25.2014

Meet the Belz family!  Well, it's the Belz extended family, and then the Morgan family as well!  Chelsea (Belz) Morgan and I go wayyyyyy back.  We played softball together when we were 9 years old!  We have since reconnected after both having little ones about 6 months apart, and have become great friends.  I sure wish she lived closer--New York is too far away!

We both are blog-lovin' fools (you can check out her blog here), and love sharing all of our lives' happenings with the world.  When Chelsea told me she was coming to STL this summer and wanted me to do some family pics for her, I was ecstatic!  YES!  Of course I would!  Her family is like the cutest family EVER, and I just want to squeeze her little girl Lily!  So.darn.cute.  And her brother Brendan was in town from South Africa (where he lives and works), so it was just the perfect little summer family reunion for some adorable park pics!

Anyways, so we got together on a Friday evening at Kirkwood Park for some family pictures.  Oh boy, I just love how these turned out!  The lighting was great--no just perfect!--and everyone's outfits were adorable and coordinating, and the smiles were contagious!  I told them I was going to forward their outfit choices to future clients who needed help with what colors to wear and coordinate.  I hope you enjoy this family's session as much as I do!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Patrick: 7.21.2014

Pics & Paws made a big purchase this past week: a new 85mm lens for my camera!  To say I'm in love is an understatement: I am absolutely head over heels blown away by this lens!  I think it's going to quickly become my go-to lens for photo shoots...which I have lots coming up these next couple months!  Woo hoo!

This afternoon I popped my son Patrick in some adorable nautical-themed overalls and headed out to our forest-esque backyard for a quick little photo shoot.  Oh man, I am just loving how these turned out!  They were all shot with my new 85mm lens, and I just love how his personality is radiating through them!  Enjoy!

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