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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Huck & Patrick: 7.8.2014

My lovely son Patrick and I are currently in Michigan visiting our good buddies Tiff, Ryan, and Huck!  Tiff and I played softball together in college, and we both had little boys about 6 weeks apart in 2013!  Patrick and I decided to road trip it up to Michigan (leaving my hubby behind--he had to work--bummer) to visit with them!

I cannot express my love for their farm enough--it is absolutely gorgeous!  Definitely a photographer's dream.  So many colors and so many backgrounds!

We corralled Huck and Patrick today for a quick little photo shoot--since the weather was gorgeous, sky was looking cool with puffy white clouds, and the boys were in good moods--and I am just LOVING how these turned out!  Enjoy!

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