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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Baby James: 2.8.2014

Waaaaaay back in September, I posted a fun gender reveal/maternity/family session with The Moffats.  Well, this past week Courtney went into a record-setting labor, and 56-minutes later her adorable little man, James Andrew made his debut into this world.  To say he sparked instant baby fever in me is an understatement: I WANT ANOTHER BABY RIGHT NOW!

Sadly, that won't be happening for a while, so until then, I leave you with some adorable pictures of the Moffats, baby James, and big sister Charlotte.  The first few of these photos I snapped a mere 16 hours after he was born at the hospital, and the rest I snapped five days later.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Beau Bradley: 2.5.2014

This was hands-down the coldest photo shoot I've ever been on!  19 degrees plus a nice gusty wind. BRRRRR.  Beau was a TROOPER.  Seriously.  This kid is tough as nails.  Despite being super chilly out, he endured the elements (which hopefully got him a new puzzle his momma promised him!).

Beau recently just celebrated his 4th birthday, and his mom Kristy gave me a shout saying she'd love some 4-year snowy pictures.  Conveniently it had just dumped about 4 inches on the ground last night, so we headed out on our snow day (both of us are teachers and had the day off...woo hoo!) to snap some pics of Beau, his pup Heidi, and the snow.

Beau's eyes are amazing: they are such a beautiful blue color!  I loved photographing him and like I said before, he was such a good sport given the frigid temperatures.  Here's a few pics from our session on this chilly February day.  Enjoy!

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