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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Baby Lizzy (Newborn): 4.5.2014

Almost two weeks ago my adorable niece Elizabeth "Lizzy" made her debut in this may remember the hospital pics I posted shortly after she was born.  Well, this weekend I got to do her newborn pics and home and  They turned out sooooo amazing!

I loved how we recreated some of Matt & Katie's maternity pics now with baby Lizzy instead of Katie's belly!  And I could just burst with happiness with the before and after Lizzy family pic.  Isn't it just adorable?!!  Gosh, I sure like having the "before" (maternity) and "after" (newborn) pics with the same family!  It really lends itself well to comparison pics :)

Obviously, as I've said before, I'm biased, but boy, is Lizzy not the cutest little gal you've ever seen?!  And Matt and Kate: you guys are naturals--and amazing parents!  Love you both...and thank you for letting me take your little lady's newborn pics!

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