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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Matt & Katie: 3.8.2014

Babies make me so happy.  Especially when people ask me to take their photos showing their love and excitement before the baby is even born!  *squeallll!* I just love this.  I cannot wait to meet baby girl Mooney so so soon!  She's due to arrive March 31st...Katie was an absolute trooper being nearly full-term and willing to do nearly anything for her photos.

I was super duper excited when Matt and Katie asked me to take their maternity photos.  I'm biased, since Katie is my sister-in-law, but dang, she's one gorgeous mama-to-be.  She and I had been going back and forth sending Pinterest photo ideas back and forth the past few weeks, and I really think her session turned out just as good (if not better!) than the pins we'd been exchanging.  Matt was so good too (which, all you dads and future dads out there, I know is super hard to do because most guys just don't like photos!) and I really think these photos turned out beautifully.  Enjoy!

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