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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lizzy: 10.26.2014 & Patrick 10.29.2014

This is a rare post for Pics & Paws: it's a combined post!  But it's on the same theme: fall and beautiful colors!

The first set of pictures is with my adorable niece Lizzy, who just turned 7 months old, outside her grandma and grandpa's house in their yard in front of the barn.  Oh my gosh, these pictures KILL me--not only is Lizzy a little lady ham for the camera, but the colors just made everything about these pictures pop!

The second set of pictures is with my little guy Patrick, who will be 18 months old (a year and a half! gasp! where does the time go?!!) on Sunday.  We took advantage of a new outfit and a beautiful fall day in our backyard for some pics.  I am just in love with these and the colors as well!  Fall definitely is my favorite time for pictures--the weather is just perfect, and the colors are spectacular!

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