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Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Peters: 8.21.2015

I wanted to share a few pics from a very impromptu photoshoot I had yesterday with some good friends who were in town from Seattle!

My dear friend Lauren, her hubby (not pictured), and her kiddos (Camden, 2.5 years old and Zoey, 2.5 months old) were in town for a quick visit to attend a family member's wedding.  We seized the opportunity to meet up with them at a park for a quick bit to get the boys some energy burn off time and us mamas some chit chat time.  I decided to bring along my camera and it just so happened to be an amazingly gorgeous day sooooooo we took advantaged and I snapped some pics of these cute kiddos!  Kudos to my hubby for snapping some group shots of us too--such a snapping family we are!  Patrick looooooved running around with Cam, and Rosie and Zoey enjoyed doing what they do best: laying and staring.

Anyways, enjoy these pics we snapped--sometimes impromptu photoshoots are just the best!

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