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Friday, June 13, 2014

Dustin & Blair: 6.13.2014

Okay, this was probably my favorite photo shoot to date!  Why?  Because I got to be the hidden photographer for a proposal!  Eeeekkkk!  It was so much fun for me--so I cannot imagine how incredible it was for Dustin and Blair!

I met with Dustin earlier this week to scope out the location and hatch out a plan, and I can safely say, that it went perfectly!  The location was Kirkwood Park (a favorite of mine!) and it was right around sunset.  The timing couldn't have been more perfect: had this happened maybe 15 minutes earlier or later, the sun would have be blinding right on my camera lens or it would have been a little too dark.  It was just perfect timing and setting (and, can I mention it was a lovely not-humid 75 degrees?!  And it has literally been raining ALL week (and suppose to rain later this weekend), so this was just the absolute perfect day of this week)--well done Dustin!

Anyways, enjoy these pics from their proposal!  I sure did!

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